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Let us choose only the freshest most nutritional vegetables, herbs and fruit when in season and bring it to you in a reusable basket every week. We only send you food when it's in season, and only send you what is fresh. It’s nutrition in a basket, straight from the source.
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Our main brand name sold throughout Egypt is Sara’s Organic Food.

Sara’s Organic Food vegetables, fruits and herbs are organic certified and grown with love and care at our farm. View our food season chart here.

Our sister brand is Lara’s Premium Produce.

Not all good food is organically certified – responsible growers unite under Lara’s Premium Produce. View our season chart here.

Our Farm

Sara’s Organic Food
is a company, which cherishes nature as one of our most valuable goods. We maintain the integrity of a valuable ecosystem, through ecological and organic production, while meeting consumers demand for healthy, tasty and more nutritious food.

We are aiming to become one of Egypt’s most sustainable farms. Already established in the local premium Egyptian market, Sara’s Organic Food is soon extending its reach abroad.

  • On an area of 972-acre arable land, we cultivate organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • A team of 45 farmers, engineers and technicians combine traditional Egyptian farming wisdom with technologically advanced farming methods using only the best natural resources.
  • With a Swiss management, we seek to implement Swiss values of reliability, thoroughness and quality. All employees belong to a passionate team engaged in safeguarding nature for future generations.
  • We believe in full transparency of our farming practices and we try our utmost to provide healthy nutrition, while adhering to organic production and fair trade principles.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide you with the freshest, nutrient dense, organic, and premium produce straight from the source.

As owners of an organic farm, we believe that growing food sustainably and using responsible methods has benefits for our health, the state of the environment and the welfare of animals. We aim to protect what we cherish; the soil that gives our crops life, the biodiversity of our environment, the people and partner farms that we work with, and the customer that that cares about good clean food. To produce and source good food is a privilege to us.

We want to re-establish a connection between customers and the source of their food positively affecting everyone and everything along the way.

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