How to Order

We deliver clean food once a week, in a hand woven reusable basket with minimal packaging. It’s clean food, straight from the source. Organic produce is grown on our farm and certified organic, and premium produce comes from responsible growers and neighbouring farms that grow without chemicals and pesticides.

Choose a basket size, containing seasonal organic (Sara’s) and premium (Lara’s) produce and we will deliver to your home, or subscribe and we will send you a basket once a week for a month – hassle free! If you have healthy food in your home, you will eat healthy, too!

Like to pick and choose? Then compose your basket and get exactly what you need, farm to home. We deliver once a week to each area to keep emissions low – check the schedule or give us a call.

With Sara & Lara’s Basket you are supporting an environmentally sound endeavour. Your food will not spend hours in storage, transportation or shelf-sitting and packaging waste is absolutely minimal – we harvest only what you order. It’s clean food, straight off the fields to your home.

Get a Basket

and order it whenever you need a supply of clean, fresh produce straight off the fields

Subscribe to the Basket

and receive your chosen basket size every week, for a month, hassle free!